Auto Body Shops Need NY Commercial Insurance, Too!

Do you own a body shop? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Even if you don’t, you can imagine the risks that are there. Cars are around products, tools and other vehicles all day. And yes, these people working on the cars are professionals, but they are also human. If an accident were to happen in your body shop, you are 100% responsible. Instead of getting paid to do the job, you could be facing a costly lawsuit. That is why it is important to look into a NY commercial insurance policy to cover your company. Specifically, a garage insurance policy!

What if someone breaks into your shop? Or maybe one of your mechanics uses the wrong tool for a job. Any accidental damage, theft, vandalism or even fire damages will be covered with this policy. And we know that insurance can be costly…which is why we are affordable and want you to choose exactly what you need! You can look into legal liability, general liability or even coverage for specific perils.

It is better to be safe than sorry in any business. Without a NY commercial insurance policy, your business could suffer from an unexpected accident. At Hutchings Insurance, we are here to make sure that does not happen. We want you to run a safe business and a successful business!

On a side note, it never hurts to look into a little auto body safety tips! It may be time to look into a workers comp policy too, but that’s a whole different story!


Promote a Healthy Workplace with Group Health Benefits, New York!

Let’s be honest: work stresses people out. Stress is linked to poor health- causing heart disease, ulcers, migraines, depression and even obesity. As a business owner, you should feel responsible when it comes to your employees’ well-being. Creating a healthy work environment should be a priority- but where do you begin? Well, you could start by promoting healthy habits and providing great group health benefits. New York business owners can do a lot more than they may realize.

Here are a few ways to promote a healthy work place:

#1: Build good relationships. It’s important that the people in your office all get along well. Having good relationships will keep them happy, working hard and satisfied.

#2: Balance work and life. Don’t make your employees feel like work is their life. Plan events outside of work and encourage them to take vacations. No one should make work their life!

#3: Start a walking club. This is especially a good idea if your employees sit at their desk all day. A walking club will get employees moving at lunch- and fresh air is a good thing!

#4: Provide employees with benefits. With group health benefits, New York employees will be able to take care of themselves without worrying about expensive costs.

#5: Offer health and wellness seminars. Holding health and wellness meetings will educate your employees on healthy habits!

A healthy employee is a happy and hardworking one! With group health benefits, New York business owners are not only benefiting their employees but the company as well. It will keep workers happy and healthy and it will make sure you recruit the best of the


Working from Home? Don’t Forget a NY Commercial Insurance Policy

The cost of commercial spaces in New York can be untenable for small businesses, which is why many choose to work from home. This has become far more feasible in the last decade, with technology developments providing global communication, marketing and selling potential at our fingertips. Whatever field you are in, it’s vital to remember you are a business and a NY commercial insurance policy is recommended.

Home insurance is not likely to provide adequate protection for your business. Home policies can protect your dwelling but provide limited or no coverage for your business equipment and materials. Most NY insurers can not only provide a package of basic insurance that will make it easy to get started, they can also tailor these packages to suit your particular field or type of business.

Home insurance is important, but it is very distinct from a NY commercial insurance policy. As with any insurance policy, it’s also important to review it regularly or as you make any changes to your business. For advice, contact your insurance representative.


Tailoring your Commercial Insurance Coverage

Whether your business is large or small, the best way to ensure that you have the most appropriate coverage is to tailor your NY commercial insurance policy. Commercial insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all service. Your insurance needs to fit the type and size of business you are running; otherwise, you could find that there are risks specific to your business type that are not adequately covered.

There are four basic elements you need to consider to start with: property coverage, workers’ compensation insurance, liability coverage and commercial vehicle insurance. When you are looking to tailor your coverage, look into the options offered by a growing number of different liability policies. Many of these have been designed to cover quite specific business risks, so you may find coverage that could be very useful.

Some policies you may have heard of include error and omission coverage, business interruption insurance, equipment breakdown coverage, systems breakdown coverage and many more. There are also policies geared to the growing incidence of cyber crime – useful if you conduct a lot of online business. There are other forms of coverage that can be added if you have freight being transported interstate or overseas.

This is an area of insurance that is continuing to grow, and there are niche products that are increasingly becoming available. To discuss the best additions for your NY commercial insurance policy, call one of our agents for more information and quotes.


Living and Working in New York

Moving cities means making many changes. You need to find somewhere to live, sort out schools if you have children, get to know a new neighborhood, make new friends – all sorts of things. You also need to look at the business side of your life; bills, banking, insurance and the like. Some insurance policies may not be valid from one state to another, including health insurance – although, if you are moving due to a work transfer, you may be able to maintain the same group health benefits. New York might mean a new start for you in many ways, but the more things you can keep consistent, the easier the transition may be.

A job transfer means you will, at least, find yourself in a familiar work environment. You may already know some of your colleagues if you have been travelling to New York on business prior to moving. Ask them for recommendations for local doctors, dentists, vets, and other services you will need.

When you are making a complete new start, it can be hard to find your feet. Again, your workplace, even if you are new, can be a good resource for accessing information about local services and activities.

Our local insurance agent would be happy to assist you with information and quotes for any personal insurance you need to change. However, do check at your workplace about group health benefits. New York living can be expensive, so this could be one cost effective way of managing your health insurance.


Protecting your Business against Non-standard Risks

New business owners may be unaware of many strategies used by seasoned players when it comes to extra preparations to guard against financial losses. Your NY commercial insurance policy should be there as your back up, but there are many things you can do that should be your front line of defense against loss.

The events of the last decade offer ample evidence that you can’t afford to think that disasters won’t happen to you. The attacks on the World Trade Centre brought the reality of terrorism to our major cities; technological advances have brought with them a massive rise in cyber-crime, and last year New York was hit by Hurricane Irene.

Adopt the old Boy Scout maxim and ‘be prepared’! Build regular safety drills into your schedule. Put a disaster plan together and make sure your staff members are familiar with it and understand their roles if you need to enact it. Increase your security to guard against theft. Employ reputable IT people and make sure you have the highest possible security for your network.

Call your insurance agent to discuss different types of extra coverage you can add to your NY commercial insurance policy. Your basic package can help protect you financially against standard risks. For those outside the parameters of ‘standard’, you are likely to require specialized coverage.


Tips for Employers Setting up Group Health Benefits

The workplace is becoming an increasingly competitive environment – and it’s not just employees driving that. Employees are much more aware of their rights, and the benefits to be gained by negotiating work packages to suit their needs. As an employer, you need to be able to offer attractive options so you can attract the staff you need in order to maintain healthy productivity. It might be a good time to look at your group health benefits. New York workers may be juggling many expenses and anything that can help offset costs is likely to be attractive to many of them.

Take a look at the health care package you currently offer. Are there areas where it could be improved? What features might be attractive to potential employees in addition to helping encourage loyalty from your current workers?

Don’t forget, many of your workers will look at the health care package you are offering not only for the range of benefits it offers, but the value for money it represents – particularly those with families – so you need to be thinking about your workers’ household budget concerns when you put your package together.

Employees will almost certainly expect this type of insurance option to be more affordable than that offered on the open market, so coming in just under what they might pay without offering significant advantages may not be seen by them as particularly beneficial.

You need to think of the long-term payoff when you set up group health benefits. New York employees are a savvy bunch. They’re looking for bang for their buck – and looking to you to provide it with this coverage.


How a Risk Assessment Exercise can help you Plan your Insurance

Keeping a business running profitably is all about keeping a balance between your income and your expenses. Ensuring that your NY commercial insurance policy is appropriate for your business needs is important – you don’t want to be spending money unnecessarily on coverage you don’t need, nor do you want to find yourself underinsured and facing unexpected out of pocket expenses if you suffer a loss.
Conducting a risk assessment exercise is one way of working out just what risks your business might be exposed to, aside from standard risks that are included in basic policies like your property coverage. Non-standard risks that can be costly for business owners can vary considerably from business to business, depending on what your business does and how it is run. You can choose to run your risk assessment exercise internally, or you might wish to engage the services of a risk management specialist who is experienced with your particular type of business. That could cost you something in the short term, but in terms of your possible long-term financial security, it could be money well worth spending.

Ultimately, your NY commercial insurance policy is your last line of defense in helping manage your risks and keeping potential financial losses limited. Consulting with an experienced insurance agent so you understand how various policies can work for you, may be your best way of ensuring you have the most appropriate coverage.


Understanding Your Options With Work Based Health Coverage

Working for a company with employment packages that include the option of group health benefits New York could take a lot of the stress out of organizing your health insurance. It could also mean you don’t have to pay as much in premiums, as the company may have been able to negotiate a good deal as it is, effectively, insurance bought in bulk.
However, the same rule applies in this situation as it does with any other kind of insurance you have. Read the policy. You should be provided with information about the coverage you get if you sign up with health insurance packages like this through an employer – read everything. Make sure you know what is covered and what isn’t. Check to see what the exclusions are – nearly every type of insurance policy has some kind of exclusion.

Consider your options – is signing up for the group health benefits New York offered by your company the best option for your health needs? Should you organize your own coverage? Which option would offer you the best, most affordable insurance that will provide you with the coverage you need? There is no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of an insurance policy. They can be complex, and there can sometimes be wording about things that isn’t as clear as it might be, which can lead to confusion about what is and isn’t covered.


Four Ways To Save On Your Renters’ Insurance

We all look to reduce living costs, including the cost of insurance. One of the best ways of saving on New York renters insurance premiums is to shop around and carefully compare insurance quotes, and we have listed another four ways of saving on New York renters’ insurance costs.
Cutting the cost of renters’ insurance may entail installing devices to protect your assets, or changing your habits:

• Renters who live in a dwelling that has safety devices like smoke detectors and fire alarms installed, or good security measures such as deadlocks, motion sensors and security alarms, are more likely to be favored by insurers.
• Living in a neighborhood that has a low rate of crime can reduce your renters’ insurance premiums, so consider the local crime rate when you are looking for your next rental property.
• Insurers often offer discounts on renters’ insurance to non-smoking households. This discount, on top of savings you’d achieve by no longer buying cigarettes, could be a great incentive to quit smoking!

A local insurance agency can help you to find value for money New York renters insurance. An agent can request a variety of quotes from insurers and help you with evaluating quotes and claiming any discounts that reduce insurance costs.