What does my auto insurance policy cover when I rent a car?

Since the majority of our customers have auto insurance policies issued in New York State, we will address this topic for New York drivers ONLY. Good news! Contained within the body of the policy that you purchased is an endorsement titled “Rental Vehicle Coverage Endorsement-New York” (It’s form PP 03 46 06). This endorsement affords extensive coverage to the policyholder for rental vehicles. The liability coverage on your policy extends automatically to the rental vehicle on your behalf! But that’s not all. The endorsement also covers you for actual damages to the vehicle (collision, theft, vandalism, etc.) including loss of use and diminution of value claimed by the rental car company! The rental term must be for not longer than 30 consecutive days and applies anywhere in the United States, its territories or possessions, and Canada. It’s great coverage at no additional cost to you, and it is automatically included in your New York personal auto policy.