What should I do if I have an accident?

Your responsibilities after you have an accident are proscribed both by state law and by your insurance contract.

  • Obviously, the first thing you should do is be sure everyone is all right and call an ambulance if needed.
  • We always recommend having the police respond to the accident. We’ve seen many cases where the other party involved insists that the accident is their fault and there is no need to have the police present. Many times their stories change after the accident is cleared up and everyone has left.
  • Third, give the other driver(s) involved your name, address, telephone number, and the name of your insurance company and/or your insurance agent. Get this same information from the other driver(s). If possible, keep a camera with you and take pictures of the vehicles and the general scene of the accident.
  • Fourth, as soon as possible, contact either your insurance agent or your insurance company to notify them that you have been in an accident.
  • Finally, there are conditions in the insurance contract you must satisfy to receive compensation from your insurer. For example, you must cooperate with your insurer during any investigation during the claims settlement process. Not completing any of these actions can result in nonpayment by your insurance company for losses that otherwise would have been covered.