Governor Announces NY Works Project

Governor Announces NY Works Project

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a $1.89 million NY Works investment for building five flood control system and dam repair projects. New York residents have had a year of wild weather, and those who had New York property insurance in place are probably thankful if they were eligible for financial compensation.

NY Works is aimed at rebuilding dam and flood control systems. Expected benefits of the project include job creation and better protective measures for people and property including updates to aging infrastructure, with a focus on dams and flood control systems in the Mohawk Valley Region. These will effectively create preventative measures for floods and overfilling dams. The project is expected to create of tens of thousands of new jobs.

Some of the most extreme weather events to occur in recent times include Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee, which caused significant damage in the state of New York. Many residents in the Mohawk Valley were affected by the resulting floods. The NY Works Task Force will oversee the projects.

While the Governor’s announcement is excellent news for NY residents, it’s always important not to forget flood and hurricane coverage when you take out New York property insurance. Contact us for more information on insurance for your NY property.

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