How Can You Help American Red Cross Work?

How Can You Help American Red Cross Work?

Hearing news of an extreme weather event that affects a whole community or region often prompts people to review their home insurance coverage, no matter where they live. There’s nothing like graphic TV footage of devastation and suffering to remind us of the potentially destructive power of natural forces like wind, water and earth tremors.

While home insurance, earthquake insurance and flood insurance may compensate for the financial consequences of a disaster, in the immediate aftermath of a disastrous event, people need shelter, food, clothing and emotional support. The American Red Cross provides practical relief services for people who have been affected by catastrophic events.

Although many people think it is a government agency, the American Red Cross is actually a charity, and depends on donations and volunteers in carrying out its relief work. While the work of the American Red Cross in large-scale disasters is often widely publicized, much of the organization’s day-to-day operations involve supporting victims after incidents such as house fires, which might only affect single families.

To provide its vital services, the American Red Cross relies on the generosity of citizens. People can support the organization’s relief work in many ways. In addition to making donations of blood or money, anyone can consider offering time to serve their local New York community as a volunteer.

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