Living and Working in New York

Living and Working in New York

Moving cities means making many changes. You need to find somewhere to live, sort out schools if you have children, get to know a new neighborhood, make new friends – all sorts of things. You also need to look at the business side of your life; bills, banking, insurance and the like. Some insurance policies may not be valid from one state to another, including health insurance – although, if you are moving due to a work transfer, you may be able to maintain the same group health benefits. New York might mean a new start for you in many ways, but the more things you can keep consistent, the easier the transition may be.

A job transfer means you will, at least, find yourself in a familiar work environment. You may already know some of your colleagues if you have been travelling to New York on business prior to moving. Ask them for recommendations for local doctors, dentists, vets, and other services you will need.

When you are making a complete new start, it can be hard to find your feet. Again, your workplace, even if you are new, can be a good resource for accessing information about local services and activities.

Our local insurance agent would be happy to assist you with information and quotes for any personal insurance you need to change. However, do check at your workplace about group health benefits. New York living can be expensive, so this could be one cost effective way of managing your health insurance.

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