Protecting your Business against Non-standard Risks

Protecting your Business against Non-standard Risks

New business owners may be unaware of many strategies used by seasoned players when it comes to extra preparations to guard against financial losses. Your NY commercial insurance policy should be there as your back up, but there are many things you can do that should be your front line of defense against loss.

The events of the last decade offer ample evidence that you can’t afford to think that disasters won’t happen to you. The attacks on the World Trade Centre brought the reality of terrorism to our major cities; technological advances have brought with them a massive rise in cyber-crime, and last year New York was hit by Hurricane Irene.

Adopt the old Boy Scout maxim and ‘be prepared’! Build regular safety drills into your schedule. Put a disaster plan together and make sure your staff members are familiar with it and understand their roles if you need to enact it. Increase your security to guard against theft. Employ reputable IT people and make sure you have the highest possible security for your network.

Call your insurance agent to discuss different types of extra coverage you can add to your NY commercial insurance policy. Your basic package can help protect you financially against standard risks. For those outside the parameters of ‘standard’, you are likely to require specialized coverage.

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