Train Office Workers In Safe Lifting Techniques

Train Office Workers In Safe Lifting Techniques

The workers compensation New York employers carry provides protection for both staff and employers. It helps to financially provide for workers who are injured on the job, and gives employers protection from compensation bills they may not otherwise be able to pay.

Back pain and back injuries are the cause of many workers’ compensation claims. Blue-collar employees whose work involves frequent lifting and carrying need to be trained in safe lifting techniques to avoid the risk of industrial injury. Office workers may not have the same exposure to back injury as manual workers, but it’s important for them to be aware of safe working practices when lifting and carrying. To remind all workers about safe lifting, safety-conscious employers might consider displaying posters with recommendations like these:

• Stand with feet shoulder width apart to provide stability and balance.

• Keep your back straight, and bend at your knees so that the lifting work is done by your strong leg muscles.

• Grasp the object you are lifting firmly with both hands.

• Hold the object close to your body as you lift.

• Avoid twisting when you lift – keep your torso, knees and feet pointing in the same direction.

Educating workers in safe lifting practices may reduce the incidence of back injuries and claims for workers compensation. New York employers who want to promote workplace safety may wish to consider displaying posters as constant reminders about safe work practices.

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